If Drinking Cow Urine to Cure Acne?

Drinking Cow Urine to Cure Acne

The guys in the village of Udaipur wash and bathe in cow urine to treat their snoring, which does not seem like a fictitious skin-saving remedy for us… but just since we have not attempted it.

1 person, Hemant Paliwal, has guzzled a hot glass of cow urine daily for the previous 4 decades, and frequently takes urine baths with his friends.

“I had been suffering from severe lung ailments and could grab a cold and cough frequently,” Paliwal advised The Daily Mail. “I had eczema and acne in my own skin, but after I started applying pee, my head was crystal clear in only a week. Since that time, there has not been one day once I have not drunk cow pee ”

Hey, everybody wants a morning routine.

Another man, Yogesh Paliwal–it is unclear if they are associated, or if everybody in Udaipur has the exact same last name–advised The Daily Mail that girls in the village also subscribe to cow pee’s abilities, however threw some critical colour in the fairer sex.

“Many women in the village have been treating their acne using cow pee however they won’t acknowledge it,” Paliwal said.

Believe it or not, over 40% of twenty-something men still suffer with acne, according to a study by the University of Alabama in Birmingham. Therefore, if you are still popping zits like a grown-ass person, that do not involve holding your nose while taking a swig of bunny piss.

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