A Face Massage Might Actually Help Your Acne

Face Massage Might Actually Help Your Acne

You may think that putting your hands all over your head is the last thing you should do for better skin (after all, hands are dirty, right?).

Wrong–if you do it in the form of a facial massage. “Facial massage reduces excess fluid, relieves tension, and promotes circulation,” says Sadie Adams, facialist and Sonäge ambassador. Plus, it may lessen stress levels, maintaining acne-causing hormones in check. Whatever you need are five minutes, clean palms, and a facial oil or serum.

Step one: Establish jawline

Together with your palms and thumbs, pinch the skin together with your jawline starting from the middle of the chin and moving out to just below your ears. This may clear any congestion in skin tissue which may be causing swelling and puffiness.

Step two: Boost your cheekbones

Take your index and middle fingers and use them to push under your cheekbones from the center of your face out toward your temples. Finish by pinching the fleshy part of your cheeks to boost circulation for an immediate glow, says NYC acupuncturist Sandra Lanshin Chiu.

Step three: De-puff eyes

Together with your ring fingers, gently press and lift along your brow bone from the inner to outer corners of your eyes,” says Chiu. Repeat beneath eyes. This technique gently pushes out lymphatic fluids to deflate puffiness and lessen dark circles.

Put your thumbs at your temples and then use your three middle fingers to draw little circles in the center of your forehead outside to the sides of the face. “This reduces anxiety, which may minimize lines from facial movements, like frowning,” says Adams.

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